Search these web sites for trustworthy medical information.

Healthy Children -
For the most reliable up to date health advice for parents.
American Academy of Pediatrics -
escents by supporting physician and parent education and medical research.
WebMD -
This site is considered the premier internet site for all types of medical information.
KidsHealth -
This is a fun but informative site geared to the different information needs of parents, teens, and younger children.
Food and Drug Administration -
This federal government agency is responsible for the safety of American food, drugs, and medical devices licensed for use in this country.
Center for Disease Control,
An up to date resource for infectious diseases and public health concerns.

Vaccines and Immunizations - These sites provide reliable information on the importance of vaccinating your child against dangerous preventable diseases and factual reviews of the risks of each specific vaccine. Recommended schedules are also available.
American Academy of Pediatrics Children's Immunization Support Program
CDC – Vaccines -
FDA – Vaccines -