Dr. Dickerson & Staff
Thank you for coming to our rescue when Maddie and Andy came down with ear infections. While we were vacationing in Hawaii we had waited so long for that trip and we still ended up having a fabulous time thanks to you!

The Lucas Family

Dr. Dickerson you're Terrific
Thank you so much for assisting us and advocating for Maya to attend the Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Science Camp. She had a life changing experience. She was blessed to be exposed to science and technology beyond her age level.

Thanks a gain for being a blessing to us.
God Bless, The Ewens Family

Dr. Dickerson & Staff
Thanks you so much for you love concern and time that you put into each of your patients. Thanks you especially for the way you've cared for Kaleb. It's so nice to have a pro-active doctor and people that have the best in mind for your child. I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you so much for loving Kaleb and for always taking time to answer my 8 million questions. Your girls are the Best!

Kiby, Carie, Kaleb Lawson

Dr. Dickerson & Staff
Happily, things are 100% better. She is not on any medication and has learned a lot by working through this experience. I was worried that my phone call alarmed you, so I'm writing to let you know that everything was fine.

Best Regards'
Judy Cenkus

Dear Dr. Dickerson:
Reed and I wanted to thank you for your help and advice with our adoption acceptance form. We labored, prayed and talked so much about it and your information and input helped so much. Intimately, we believe God has already chosen our child and it's in His hands! We are so excited to have a new baby and a new brother or sister for Mary Lynn!

Thank you again
Reed & Erin Cutshall

Dr. Dickerson
We just wanted to say a big Thank to you for being such a Great Doctor even taking care of us on Christmas Day! You've seen us through many illnesses and been caring professional at the same time it's hard to find that combination in doctors these days! God has blessed you with great ability to care for our kids and ease parent's minds. Thank you for all you do!

Love, Krstin, Frank, Luke, & Drew Mason

Dr. Dickerson
I'm sorry I had a bad attitude because I was embarrassed. I shouldn't have acted like that you're a great doctor.

Christian A.

Dearest: Dr. Dickerson and Staff,
With all the illness that has been going around our family, I thought it was best to hold off on fudge…. Better late then never right?! How lucky are we to have you as our pediatrician since we were days old! The girls love their doctor and I know Justin will to one day. Thanks for all the help and advice with our Neocate stuff (sure glad we don't have to drink that anymore). Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love Always
Sydney, Grace, Justin, Michelle & Tom

Dear: Dr. D. & Office
Thanks you for taking such great care of us I called in as a new patient and was able to get an appointment first thing the next morning. Over night my other child got sick and when I showed up as a new patient with two sick kids for one time slot you were very accommodating and supportive. You were able to us right in and on our way. Thanks you all for making us feel so welcome and taking care of us was a rewarding experience.

Yours Truly
The Sewell's

Dr. Dickerson
We can't even being to tell you how much we love you. Since the time I walked in to see you when Ande was 3 weeks old to the time we saw you yesterday your smile and caring heart has stayed the same. I just want to thank you for caring and just living us and praying for us. You and your staff are wonderful and are awesome! Thank you for all you do! Enjoy some breakfast!.

Ande, Gideon & Katie Swan